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I am passionate about real estate - all things real estate! As a 3rd generation REALTOR, one might say I was born to do this. From administrative assistant, to full time sales agent, to broker/owner/manager of a top 20 real estate firm in Central Ohio, I have touched every corner of the real estate agent sales business. I’ve been there, done that and gotten the sticker. I want to share my experiences with you. 

I am passionate about Columbus, the real estate industry and helping committed real estate professionals build businesses that support their lives. I am also fiercely committed to raising the bar within the real estate profession. It is common knowledge in the industry, 87% of real estate professionals fail within the first 5 years of starting their real estate career. Why? Industry analysts would say it is a lack of qualified leads. I say it's a lack of focused action and accountability. 


I thrive on helping committed, motivated real estate professionals build businesses that support their lives. Many industry trainers and coaches haven’t walked a day in your shoes to really understand what it is like to build this business from the ground up. From someone who has been in the profession, I know, there is no silver bullet, no magic lead generation strategy, no “one thing” someone can tell you to do to catapult your business from 0 to 100 overnight.

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